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    What are “the real good shoes for your health”?

Not enough Japanese can answer to this question yet. We are not able to deny that we, Japanese, have been interested only in keeping up with the trend of shoes, like the latest style or design. That may be owing to the less history of Japanese shoes than that of European, or the Japanese cultural background,such as Japanese don’t need to wear shoes in the house. In Japan, we can say that the aspect of “the health of our feet brought by good shoes”had been disregarded for too long time, though the shoes surely play a very important role as way of ornament. As a result, Japanese who have problems or troubles with their feet are rapidly increasing in these days.

    Our company was founded as a small shoe shop for children in 1975. However in such context, we turned our attention to these aspects of “health of our feet”earlier than anyone in Japan, and comfortable and healthy shoes from Europe were begun being sold at our shop. In addition, we study and practice under Germany shoe masters (Schuh Meister),now we consolidate our position as full-dress Comfort & Orthopedic shoe shop.

    We want you all to wear “the real good shoes for your health”.This is the desire of our hearts.




                                                                                          President, Saburo Ashizawa

■Shop &Total foot care service

<Sale of European Comfortable Shoes>

   We’re selling European comfortable shoes to those who want the healthy and fine shoes, even if you don’t have serious problem on your feet. The approved European brand of shoes are selected and assorted at our shop. We handle from the comfortable shoes that built in full-dress orthopedic insole to the fashionable and fine shoes or pumps.


 - Main brands we’re handling -

Finn Comfort <Germany> / MBT shoe <Switzerland>/Ganter <Germany> /Natural Feet <Germany> / Schneider <Switzerland> /Durea <Netherland > /Think! <Austoria> / Paul Green <Austria> / Mephisto<France> / Strafford <Italy>/Wolky<Netherland> etc..

<Manufacture of Orthopedic Insoles & Shoes>


  For those who have the troubles or pains on the feet, we’ll make the special insole by applying Germany orthopedic shoe techniques. Either metamorphosis of frame and joint attendant on time or failure of the muscle brings most type of tiredness or pain on your feet. Our orthopedic insoles can relieve the cause of that pain or tiredness by conditioning the frame from the bottom of feet and getting the original foot function to work. We’ll produce not only insoles but also orthopedic shoes for those who have serious disability though an accident or a disease.

Analysis of walking
Othopedic insole
F-SCAN( for diabetic )
Orthopedic shoe

<Medical Foot Care>        

  We are practicing the Germany medical foot care for such the horny or nail troubles as corn, ingrown nail and so on.


・Removing corns  \7,350 ( 45min - 60min )

・Nail care for nail trobles \7,350 ( 45min - 60min )

・Correction of Ingrown nail  \15,750 per 1 nail ( 60min - )







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